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Site visit consulting.

Site visit consulting.

Design Consultation and Management:

We offer design consulting for:
  • Projects we design and build.
  • Projects we build only.
  • Projects we design only.
  • Projects we design and then manage others.

We offer levels of design from a quick conceptual sketch on one visit to complete sets of working drawings.

Basic Home Consulting:

Chris can answer many questions and challenges with quick verbal instructions, written notes, names of referrals and detailed sketches of assemblies. “Costs a little, saves a LOT!”
  • 15 minute evening and weekend consult- $25 (discuss a problem, a solution, referral to qualified crafts person)
  • 1 hr plus travel consult- $75 (payable upon completion).  A lot can happen in that first hour.

Preservation Plan:

A home inspection that provides information from which a prioritized list of maintenance needs is generated. This list will have:
  • detailed specifications
  • schedules
  • referrals
(cost varies upon size and need – usually between $300 and $1,200) This plan is also useful prior to buying a home to find out from a real contractor what the home needs are and how much it will cost to repair before you buy.