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Chris at our home office.

Chris Stackhouse President of Cambium Construction has been in the building business for 40 years.  In the early years of Chris’s building career he worked for several respected construction firms, but found that being self employed was much more fulfilling.   He was known by many as “Stackhouse Construction” and in 2004 decided to incorporate and started his new company named Cambium Construction Inc.

“Cambium” the  name that can be hard to pronounce for some and difficult to spell for others  has a very appropriate and beautiful meaning, which Chris feels relates to his passion for design and construction:

Cambium – ‘the green life giving layer just under the bark.  It is constantly dividing and producing new growth.  Giving a tree vitality and strength.’

Designing and Building comes naturally for Chris and seems to be in his blood, as he comes from a long line of family architects, artists and builders.  He is a master carpenter, artist, drafts person, energy conservationist as well as historic preservationist.  Chris recognizes that a home is probably the largest and most important investment a person can make.  He wants to insure that every project which he has involvement in is not only built to the clients design aesthetic, but also is practical and suits their personal lifestyle.  Chris also believes that any  project whether it is new construction or a renovation can be and  should be energy efficient and built from high quality, low-maintenance materials.  Our motto Building quality for life kind of says it all.

To date we have built or renovated 8 high performance homes. One of our highest performance homes has achieved an ACH 1.2 and HERS score of 40. We hope to find a customer who wishes to work together on a passive or net zero home.

Jill crunching numbers.

Jill crunching numbers.

Jill Stackhouse is the Secretary and Treasurer of Cambium as well as the wife of Chris.  She manages  the book keeping  end of the operation.  Jill is intimately involved in the projects  budget development.  She has developed her own budget tracking system which  is a big stress reliever for the clients and the company.  The client can know at any specific point in time where their project budget stands.  This is of tremendous value and helps to keep stress levels down. She also is very experienced in dealing  with the construction loans and handles much of the communication regarding loan disbursements.  Jill also is well versed in energy efficiency and makes all applications to Efficiency Vermont on the clients behalf,  schedules Efficiency Vermont Thermal ByPass inspections and final inspections needed to obtain clients  energy rebate dollars.